A relaxing break where nature calms you down and inspires you.

The pleasant coolness of the dew in the undergrowth, the scent of wood, moss and green grass. The chattering of birds and the warmth of the rays of sun playing hide and seek among the branches of the trees, the immensity of the most starry sky you’ve ever seen: the Treinke Campground welcomes its guests with the wonder of nature that surrounds it.
The campsites, provided with independent services are arranged around a central service facility, just a few steps from the spa, the Bar and the “Ristorantino Al C’entro”, the sports fields and the Röseibn Riding School.

Its strategic location within the ancient hamlet of Sauris also allows you to reach the other hamlets of the village just a few kilometers away, where you can find restaurants, shops and the main services.



The camping area is located in the midst of nature’s greenery and set on terraced levels.

The spacious campsites of the Treinke campground are easily accessible and close to the main campground facilities and reception. Each site is equipped with an independent electricity connection (CEE 16A) and water supply for loading and unloading water.




Free space for socializing.

Within the enclosed area of the campground there are some level picnic areas equipped with wooden tables and benches to spend pleasant moments of outdoor relaxation.



Enjoying an even more authentic experience

The campsites are also available to those who like to rediscover the freedom that only nature can give: camping in tents, taking in the fresh mountain air to renew your own contact with the energy of the earth.



Fun in the countryside.

Next to the entrance of the campground, a well-equipped playground welcomes the little ones in a tree-lined and level area away from road traffic: Children can thus have fun in the open air and in total safety.



The service facilities are located in the heart of the campground.

Easily accessible from all the campsites, the facility has an ecological area for the separate collection of waste, as well as laundry rooms.

The large restrooms are equipped with showers, washbasins and toilets. There are also four private accessible bathrooms for people with reduced mobility. The hot water available inside the facility is produced in the adjacent biomass plant thanks to the rational and sustainable exploitation of local forests.
WI FI areas within the campground.


The Management reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to expel from the campground those who do not respect the following rules:

  • The admission to and stay at the campground imply acceptance and full compliance with these regulations as well as the commitment to pay the current rates
  • Admission to the Campground for campers and visitors is subject to providing a valid identity document to the Management (which is also required for mandatory registration)
  • within the Campground, a behavior suitable to community life is required, based on respect for and good manners towards everyone
  • During quiet time, from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm and from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am, it is forbidden to: make noise or sounds that could disturb the other guests, put up or take down tents and verandas, use the playground, go out and come in with motor vehicles (during night hours the main entrance will be closed and only the pedestrian gate will be open)
  • The current daily prices will be charged for the overnight stay with check-out before 11:00 am; for annual storage contracts, private negotiations will be carried out and special situations will be assessed from time to time by the Management in accordance with the current regulations
  • Visitors (guests who stay for only one day without staying overnight) are admitted with prior authorization from the Management and payment of the daily fee
  • Camper vans, trailers, pop-up campers and tents must be placed inside the assigned campsites according to the indications provided by the Management; however, it is forbidden to delimit the assigned place with fences, dig pits inside and on the borders of the site
  • cars and motorcycles, except for particular and specific authorizations issued by the Management, must be parked in the specific car park; however, it is forbidden to park vehicles on the roads inside the campground
  • It is forbidden to stop on and/or go through, even on foot, unassigned sites/locations or on those of other campers without their authorization or that of the Management
  • Using motor vehicles to move around inside the campground is prohibited
  • Customers will be given a tag which must be displayed on cars, campers, tents or trailers
  • Children under 14 may be guests of the campground provided they are accompanied by an adult
  • Customers are required to leave the toilet facilities, and the campsites they have occupied, in perfect order and clean after using them
  • It is strictly forbidden to: damage the plants, dig ditches or holes in the ground, light fires except in the appropriate barbecues, tamper with the available equipment and services/facilities
  • Waste must be taken to the appropriate area
  • Pet owners are required to comply with the specific Regulations and are responsible for any damage caused to things or people.




  • Each site is equipped with a column with electrical connection and one for loading/unloading water, the remaining facilities are centralized
  • Prices are per night of stay regardless of arrival time.
  • Departures must take place by 11 a.m.
  • Possibility of arranging reduced rates for gatherings of campers/groups/associations.
  • Wi-Fi Zone at the reception.
  • Credit cards are accepted.




333 – 1890857